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Horarios July

What do our classes consist of?


Duration: 45-50'

Maximum capacity of the class: 14 people

Training method based on constantly varied exercises, with functional movements executed at high intensity

Box main class, mainly divided into 3 parts:

  1. Warm-up / Heating
  2. Skills / Strength
  3. WOD / Workout of the Day


Duration: 120

Maximum capacity of the class: 12 people

The idea arises to help those who are facing their first competitions, or who have been at it for a while but need a plus to continue improving.

The session will be two hours:

  1. First hour; in open box area.
    Dedicated to strength/weightlifting work, with the possibility of barbell cycling/conditioning format WODs.
  2. Second hour; in open class area.
    For gymnastics events especially, I work synchro, in I go you go format. Work on specific exercises such as rope climb, hand stand walk or muscle up, among others.

We will focus the sessions according to the season and events that are in sight to prepare specifically for them.


Duration: 45-50'

Maximum capacity of the class: 8 people

The objectives to be developed in these classes will be:

  1. Learn the Olympic movements
  2. Improvement of the technique of the Olympic movements
  3. Strength work
  4. Improving power, flexibility, speed and explosiveness through this discipline


Duration: 45'

Maximum capacity of the class: 8 people

Endurance is a training program that seeks to improve speed and power performance.

These elements are basic in endurance sports such as running, triathlon, cycling, etc.

The Endurance approach focuses on eliminating excessive workloads and increasing intensity.


Duration: 45-50'

Aforo máximo de la clase: 10 personas

The objectives to be developed in these classes will be:

  1. Improved coordination, balance and technical strength of gymnastic movements
  2. Improve control of your own body and be more efficient in training
  3. Improvement of movements in suspension, both on the bar and on the rings
  4. Work of the middle zone (core), as a transfer to the main exercises


Duration: 45-50'

Maximum capacity of the class: 8 people

It is important to know the basic movements of CrossFit and have an excellent technique to be able to develop and evolve within the training.

These classes are geared toward people just starting out. They will learn the movements and the characteristic language of this sport practice.

If you start in this world, this is your class!

Modalities in Functional Fitness

Functional fitness has the particularity that the training can be of different modalities, which are classified as follows:

  • EMOM (Every Minute On a Minute):

    It seeks to perform a number of repetitions of one or more exercises within 1 minute during the minutes marked by the coach.


    This type of WOD consists of performing a certain number of repetitions or rounds in a limited time to meet the objective.

  • AMRAP (As Many Repetitions As Posible):

    It consists of performing as many repetitions of exercises as possible in a given time. For example, in 20 minutes do the most repetitions of 30 push-ups, 30 squats and climb a 5-meter rope.


    It is about performing 8 rounds or repetitions in 20 seconds of execution of the intense exercise, with 10 minutes of rest. It can also be a TABATA of two or three different exercises.


    Although the most frequently used interval training method is Tabata, different WODs are usually planned with other types of intervals or circuits to develop the routine using different movements.

Let's work together to achieve your goal

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